Chapter 3: Flop Culture

Friday, June 17                   5:00                     Silver Shadow Lane                   Cold

A person like me in a position like mine would be happy. They would feel like they're the top of the world. Like nobody could stand in their way. Bruce had his arm around me. Years ago, no-no, weeks ago, I would've dreamed of this moment but I didn't feel it today especially since he was walking me to the local park for Marcie's stoning. Just a week ago I didn't even want to talk to her and today I would've loved to die with her but once again, like always, pride got in the way. I didn't want to lose my friends and definitely didn't want to lose my life. So here I am with Bruce, so cold on the inside and feeling no love. Oh goodness. Oh goodness!!!

"What's the matter?" Bruce stopped walking forcing me to stop as well, which was the last thing I'd wanted right now.

"Olivia." I whispered.

"So?" Bruce was fearless. Well, obviously.

"We probably shouldn't be seen together," I tried to pull away from him but he didn't budge- he wasn't moving.

"Do you really care she has to say. She's insecure-"

"But you she-"

"She's insecure because she's ugly. And she's ugly because she's insecure." He said it loud enough for her to hear.

Lord why don't they just stone me now. I am empty, fatherless and soon to be friendless.

When she heard Bruce, she buried her face in her purse and slowly walked the opposite way of the park. I better look secure and happy because if Bruce says I'm secure, then obvs I am. Plus I look stupid writing in you ATM (at the moment). So adios for now.

Chapter 3: Flop Culture

Friday, June 17     3:00      Hawk Nelson Secondary School     School Parking lot

Most people at this time would be like, "Thank God I't's Friday" especially considering my day yesterday. But no. Actually, I am dreading today more than I hated yesterday. Why diary? Why does everyday of the week have to suck! I don't know.... am I going crazy or does my whole life suck since I started this christianity thing.
 If I were at church right now, Mark would be yelling at me for saying that. "It's not a 'christianity thing'" he'd say, "It's a way of living, Ca-thy! 


I actually don't mind getting yelled at. It actually feels good, for once, to get yelled at. I had never gotten yelled at by my parents, well at least in a long time. They kinda just let me do "whatever" (or at least that's how my dad would state it). So anyways..... Why am I dreading today?

They're having a stoning. Who? The neighbourhood kids, adults and policemen. I used to enjoy going to these things. Free food, icecream sundae bars and lots of joking and get-togethers. But not this time.

Because this time, the stoning's for...

Chapter 3: Flop Culture

11:15 pm     Out on the Street Stair WAY      Making sure not to get caught

So I told my mom that I was going over to my friend's. Normal moms who just got divorced would say no. I mean it is 11 o'clock. But my mom, as you probably already know, is not normal. So I was allowed to go out of the hotel. I kinda feel bad for leaving my mom alone to wallow in pain but I have to go church. And today's been the longest day of my life so I can't miss church today.
.....Wow, today has been really long:

First I told my teacher to shut up which got me into detention.
Then I came up with a devious plan with Lance (ewwww!!) and as I was getting out of school two very scary men threw me into a limo telling me that my parents were in court and had filed a divorce without telling me (without being the whole problem).
Then I broke down in court in front of everybody.
Then, *sniffle* you and me diary, we separated!! *gasp* *gasp*.
And!!! during this whole thing, I didn't speak up, not even once.

So here I am diary- sneaking around town hoping that I don't get caught by the police.

So where is church exactly? The sewage system on Stair WAY. Mark always makes a joke and says that it's the stairway to heaven.

I'm just going to put you down for a second, diary- just long enough to lift the lid without making a sound.

I'm In!!! I give a round of high fives to everybody there and hug a bunch of people- some I know, others I've never seen but it feels so good. Sometimes we all just need a good hug. Opps... Mark's speaking; I better listen and maybe take down a few notes:

Talk 1. Learning to Discern

-Sometimes you are not experienced in letting God lead you, and you are easily turned off the path from what seams to be common sense and good opportunities.

-Beware of misleading choices, satanic influences, and the media.

-God wants you to succeed, he will love and guide you through life.

-Our focus needs to be on what God has shown us through His scripture; not what our friends or t.v have to say.

That last point really got me. Should I hide my religion and live a lie so that I can fit in and keep up my social status? I dunno..... but what I know is that I really got to go... It's like 1 in the morning!!! Ooops! Mom's gonna kill me. Talk to ya later, with more thoughts and more news.

Mom's fast asleep, she didn't even notice
me coming in. Thank God! Really.

Chapter 2: The Nervous System

8:00 pm   My bedroom  With a completely full takeout box from Chipotle that Mom got me to make me feel better

So how did it go? GREAT!
ACCORDING TO MY MOM. So in summary my parents are now divorced. I wish it hadn't happened but it's not like I'd spoken up. I was too scared that I just let it happen and the funny thing is... that is so, so,SO not like me. But you know what diary, lately I haven't been acting like me at all. Two weeks ago, I would've totally gone out with Bruce. I would've made fun of Christians and I'd be the one tripping Marcie!! This Christianity stuff is wierd. I just wish I could figure it all out. If I knew what was going on in God's mind in that court room, well, I'd ask him a few.
Why, WHY, WHY did he let this happen? As if my life wasn't bad enough.
I wish everything didn't have to change. I wish things were back to the way they were. I love God 'n' all, but I'm just so confused. If God loves me so much, then why is my life slipping out of my hands. I need an answer. 

Like, right now.

I'm still waiting!!!

Chapter 2: The Nervous System

12:00                                                  In court                                       Breaking down

I did, it. I did it diary. I broke down in public for the first time in my life. I never break down, never! Not even the day I broke my wrist. I never cry, I'm a strong women and everybody knows it. Even my parents were surprised that I broke down. 

Why did I break down? Let me "break down" the story for you diary.

I was already terrified from the idea that mom had filed a divorce and scheduled a time for the court without telling me. No warning signals, no text message, nada! And it wasn't even fun like a surprise party. So picture this: I was so surprised that I left my mouth hanging low until one of the guys told me that I had just a bit of drool on my shirt. Just a bit! JUST A BIT! I was drenched in my own drool and I didn't even have time to clean my shirt because I was being dragged into the court room. "Apparently I was late." So I was still getting over the shock of this whole thing. I mean, I knew that this was going to happen one day, I just didn't want to believe that it was going to happen. Everything went "smoothly", as they liked to call it, until the judge asked me to give my testimony. MY TESTIMONY! What I wanted to really say was, "these people, I don't know them. Nope! Don't remember 'em from nowhere." but what came out was crying. I didn't know which side to take. Oh, sure, I knew which side was right- my mom's. But I couldn't betray my dad. I loved him too much. He was the one who'd raised me up. My mom was always working, so it was my dad who had taught me how to play tennis, made me love mini golf and helped my study for my tests(although he never really understood anything he would be teaching me). My dad was my hero. I know. It sounds lame, but he is!! He's adventurous, kind, funny, has a great wardrobe and got everything he's wanted without doing anything he's asked to. Well, he's gotten everything up until now... AND IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF ME!! ME AND MY STUPID MOUTH. I blame that mouth of mine!!! So here I am, curled in the corner of a room. They put me there to calm down and when I'm calm, I'm allowed back out. 

Like yeah right I wanna get out!

I wanna stay here until I die. And I wanna die now. Why isn't the Lord helping me out of this.
As Mark (that church elder) once said, "That Lord and his mind!!! Mysterious..."he would go on and say " some things seem good and some things seem bad, but in the end, they're all awesomely amazing!!"
I wish I was as optimistic as Mark. I wish I could see things his way.

Oh, no. They're coming back to check up on me. The same men in that limo. I gotta pretend I'm still freaking out so that I don't have to go back in there. 

---Wait a minute!!--- who's pretending, I am freaking out. 

*fake cry fake cry fake cry, just keep telling myself to fake cry fake cry fake cry*

"We know you're all better. Come one. The judge can't wait too much longer." "that limo guy" stretches out his hand so that I can take it and get up. But we went over this diary-

"I'm not leaving this room." I reply calmly and sharply looking him straight in the eyes. 

"Well this is going to be fun," he says with a smirk on his face. 

Diary, he grabbing you! Diary!!! diar


Chapter1: Escape

10:25                                                                            Was running- Now Stopped

So I did end up getting out of the school without dying from boredom, but I didn't get out of school property. No, I didn't get caught by a teacher, and no, the police didn't stop me and arrest me for being a christian. A huge limo pulled up with 2 men in suits. No, the suits were not black. When the saw me, they stopped the car. I saw them looking at a piece of paper in their hand. It had a picture- a picture of me. They asked me who I was and told me that I was needed in the New York County Court. I froze. Like actually froze. Because I knew the reason they were here. The ride was slow, unnecessarily slow. I needed to get out of the limo, I didn't want to believe it was happening, but I knew it was. If it was any other time I would've enjoyed the limo ride; playing with the window, checking out the mini phone, using the mini-fridge, using the leg rest, but not today. Today was the day my parent were going to get divorced. How am I so sure? Because...

a) My dad deserves it
b) My mom is great at finding loopholes and convincing people
c) One of the men on the jury for this case has a crush on my mom (I found this one out in the car about 5 minutes ago when the men gave me a folder with all the information I needed to know)
d) All of the above.

I think, diary, that I would go with d. A lot of people say children will feel a lack of sense of belonging when their parents divorce. Not me- I never really felt that my family was a family, let alone a family that belonged together. Or some people might say that children feel like they're the reason for the divorce. Not me- I KNOW that it was all my dad's fault for not doing the part in his relationship. So why am I so sad, no, no, disapointed about this divorce.

Maybe because it was the only thing that was keeping me from breaking down. To know that there was a chance that there was love on this planet. To know that problems do have solutions. To know that people can get along. But this divorce has taught me that none of those statements are true.

Oh! I've arrived. Whooopie :(

Wish me luck!!

Chapter1: Escape

9:00am   10 Minutes later and Ten seconds from dying           Detention

Okay, so I finally got Lance to cooperate and we came up with a master plan. Here's the plan:

1. Get Lance to ask to get a drink.
2. He comes back with his cup full.
3. He trips and spills his cup all over the floor.
4. Lance and I ask to go and get paper towels from the janitors room.
5. Then 

"Wait a minute!" It was Lance, again.

"What is it Lance? What is it!" I'm usually more patient than this, but with the state of my life, Lance should take this as a grace card, and!!!!! He just made me smudge ink all over my diary.

"Well I kinda just noticed," Wow, 10 minutes in detention can really change a person. "That this room has a like paper towel dispenser."


"Well, THEN GET RID OF IT!!" I snapped.

"The paper towels or the dispenser?" He shot me a questioning look. I shot him! No, I just smiled- something I hadn't had the time to do in a while. 


If you had walked into the detention room at around this time for whatever reason; dropping off attendance sheets, giving complaint reports or just for the sake of it (It is my favourite class in the school), you would have no clue what had just happened here. But I'll clue you in diary. We got rid of the paper towels. This is how:
 I took the paper towel roll out of the dispenser (I totally know how to break open that dispenser without a key) and Lance and I "decorated" the classroom with it and when the detention supervisor came back from her washroom break and asked what was going on Lance replied saying "You surely don't expect a bright student like me to not study while in detention. This here is a science experiment comparing the relationship between... (I didn't write the rest not because I didn't feel like it but because right after that big E word, I kinda stopped listening. 

"I'm not stupid." She replied. Then why are you here!! I wanted to shout out loud. I mean, most of the detention ladies are laid off janitors. Apparently, she's a science major and professor at Long Island University and she was just here to substitute for her sister- who's a janitor. 


Oh no! It's 9:45! I better HIT "N" RUN- and by hit I mean smack Lance out of the way.

"Best of luck!"

Oh, that was Lance.
Thank you I mouthed.

Chapter1: Escape

I watched as the clock ticked- very slowly. Why couldn't the school day end? I needed to talk to Mark. As a church elder, he'd know the answer to everything (although he always denies it). He'd probably even help me get my parents back together again. And this matter cannot wait. THAT'S RIGHT! THIS MATTER CANNOT WAIT! IT WILL NOT WAIT. I have to escape, one way or another. And it's not like I'll be missing anything- I'm in detention. Plus, even if i do get caught, what's the worst they can do to me? Throw me in detention? Well, whaddya know? I'm already in detention. 

"They could suspend you." Lance, a kid with perfectly sleeked hair and nerd glasses, answered.  Oops! I must've said that out loud. I think I need to watch what I say from now on, being a christian and all. 

"What are you doing here?" I asked, seriously wondering what a perfectly good student like Lance would be doing in detention. He gets straight A's and his family life is not a wreck. Plus I doubt he's a christian. 

"Well... COD's havingthischanpionship twelvehoursinarow andIjustcouldn'tmissit..."
Wait a minute, Lance is a gaming geek! Wow, you learn more in detention than you'll ever learn in the classroom. 

"And what does this have to do with detention?" I felt seriously dumb. I had never been on the outside of things. I always knew what people were talking about. What has happened to me? It's probably all the drama going on in my life that makes me forget to appreciate the little things in life. Like gossip. And shopping. And gossip. And shopping. But mostly gossip. 

"Well, if you get in trouble in detention, they suspend you. So then I'd get to go home and... you know... have fun!"

"So why are you still here?"

"Well no matter how much I try, I can't get myself in trouble."

"Well then how did you get yourself in trouble in class?" 

"Marcus threw a wad of gum at Mrs. Nadia's head and I said I had done it."

"Sheesh. You couldn't even get yourself in trouble on your own." I had never met a guy like this. weird. "dependable much!"

"You're one to talk! When was the last time you did your own homework!" His ears were fuming. Calm it buster. But, I couldn't argue with him. But would you do your homework if really nice guys offered to do it instead? I don't think so. Plus it gives me more time to solve all my life problems and... homework bores me. 

"Listen." Oh I can be feisty. "I will help you get out of here if you help me."

"Why do you need help? You've got bad written all over you?" Sometimes I wish we were allowed to use pocketknives at school because I know the first person I'd use mine on. But ever since a group of kid ganged up on a teacher and killed her in her classroom, pocketknives have been banned. 

I like my pocketknife. It's really pretty and very sharp. I sharpen it every weekend just incase I have to use it. In situations like this.  Dontcha like it diary? It's purple just like my hair. 

"Ouch! I got a paper cut." Don't tell me that's Lance, don't tell me that's Lance. I turned my head slowly and whaddya know!! It's Lance. 

"Grow up!" I shouted (a bit too loud, maybe, because the whole room turned around and looked at me. I really need to watch my voice these days). 

"Eeew! My paper cut's bleeding!"

This is going to be a long day. 

Eeew, he's licking his blood. 

Chapter 1: Escape

Thursday, June 16     8:35 am         Hawk Nelson Secondary School     Detention  

Talk about sleep deprivation. I totally, shouldn't have had that sleepover yesterday. But, I definitely needed it. It reminded me that I wasn't alone on Earth. I did have friends and they would always be there for me... as long as I wasn't a christian. Why? Why were Christians hated so much? Was it  because they were the ones holding the truth? Was it because they were right? I dunno, but I know that I'm waaaaay too tired to be thinking right now. 

And that is how I got into detention.

I fell asleep during homeroom. Mrs. Folley should be more reasonable though. I usually fall asleep during that class anyways. It's math! Even the nerds get tired of math sometimes. But today was different, I was lacking a good night's sleep which meant that when I'd fall asleep in class today, I wouldn't wake up. Mrs. Folley called on me several times, and without thinking I told her to shut up and go kill herself. So now I'm here for the rest of the day. Exciting! Well, it would be. I mean, I usually have fun in detention because well, it means I'm not in class. Today, though, I had too much going on in my life and detention was the last thing I needed. So, have I mentioned that my mom has this divorce thing so packed down in her tiny little head that she's not listening to anyone's advice? Yeah, well if I haven't told you already, I just did. The problem with this divorce is that unlike other situations- in which I always end up solving- this one is not a no-brainer. The only answer is that well... there really isn't any satisfying love on earth. The only good love is the love from God. I know I've been complaining a lot about Christianity lately but during the hardship, I had never felt lonely or unloved.And I really can't blame my mom for hating my dad- he is using her. He has no job and she makes money. So that topic was taking up a lot of place in the "worry wart" section of my brain. And that section kept on oozing out and destroying the other sections in my brain, like the "think before you speak" section.

And then there's Bruce. I so, so ,so do not like him. Plus he's all Olivia's. Like I'm gonna be that immature about this situation. I believe that any girl who drools over a guy is not a girl at all, but half a one looking for a guy to complete her life. Plus, everybody knows that guys come in this ugly package and inside that package is a good dose of drama. And that is the LAST thing I need. But everybody's accusing me of liking him and I hate it when people accuse me. Olivia used to be one of my closest friends. We used to keep secrets from the other girls but now I feel like I'm on the outside of every inside joke. I feel lonely and cold but not confused. I know why she's changed. It's because I've changed. I don't blame her but I really miss the friendship we used to have. I remember when one of us would purposely get a detention so that they could accompany the other person in a detention because we had believed it was unfair for the other person to suffer alone. I remember when we'd have our study sessions or when we'd fight for each other. I remember in freshman year, Olivia's temper got so out of control that she ended up physically fighting this girl everyday for a week just because she had insulted me about the top I had on. They say " make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold." It should go " lose old friends, make no more.Sit there crying, let it all pour". I know I have Jesus, diary, I know but I just can't stand not having someone on Earth, physically here with me.  It hurts you know. It hurts to know that you don't have anybody to turn to, nobody to hug you at night or read you a bible story. Nobody to tell you that  they love you because people are so busy trying to solve their problems they have no time to appreciate the little things in their life.... like their own daughter! I miss the old life but that is now all behind me. And I am NOT looking back. So not looking back- I'm not gonna be like lot's wife. I know that what's ahead is way better than what's behind. Plus I don't have a time machine. And even if I did, I don't think I'd really want to use it. Would I really want to go change everything?

Chapter 1: Escape

12:00         Outside- around the block walking hoping we don't die      still uncomfortable

Dear diary this, dear diary that... I'm just gonna cut to the chase. I don't feel it. I really don't feel that the lord is helping me out. I used to feel it. But now, I feel like giving up. I thought that the lord was supposed to help me out. I thought he was supposed to always be there for me. But i guess I was wrong. Actually, I know I was wrong. This whole christianity thing isn't working out for me. I've been praying for about a week now, but I don't feel any better. Actually, I feel worse. My friends won't shut up about how stupid christians are and I just can't include myself in the conversation with them. I don't feel comfortable doing so. I don't even feel like their my friends anymore. The only thing we ever did together was share gossip, and I just feel rude doing so now.
About the third the third time around the third time around the block, right when the gossip was actually getting quite serious, a monster jumped out at us. Yeah, well it's dark outside, so it looked like a monster to me. It was tall, it was wide and it had shaggy, gorgeous... beautiful... brown hair. Okay, it was William. A definite hottie from Long Island University. Wow! What a creep, like he didn't have to scare us so much. We all turned around quickly to fix our hair that had frizzed up from the fear. Then we all did our usual rounds of hugs. Now this is the guy I'd want to date- not Bruce.

"You're such a freak!" I told him, all embarrassed, "You scared me like crap!"
"And made me mess up my hair!" Emma gushed. That girl sucked at talking to guys. She never knew what to say or what to do, but i guess that's why all the guys seamed to like her- she was easy to talk to. Plus she was cute.
"Well I'm so very sorry," he mocked an apology. "What are you ladies doing out here? It's way too late for you young girls to be wandering around."
"Talking, like you'd care," Olivia answered, her hands crossed over her chest. William shrugged his shoulders and walked over to his house which was right across the street.
"Wow, Liv! Like you had to go and ruin the moment," Janett rolled her eyes,"I could have stared at him for like, another hour? Sheesh! You ruin all the fun, girl!"
"Well at least I saved you from looking like such a dork." Olivia always knew how to answer people.
"Tev, tevs!" I had to agree with Janett on this one.
We continued to 'walk 'n' talk' for about another hour and by then it was about twelve midnight, so we headed back to my house.
That night I had the worst nightmare. It was weird. And scary. And it all went way too fast for me. Marcie was in it. Actually, it was all about Marcie. She was running away... from these people with masks on. They were large and they had guns in their hands. The men kept on catching up to her, her face getting sweatier by the second. She was slowing down, they were catching up. She cried for help, but of course, nobody heard he. They grabbed her and strangled her and told her to yell, "God is a myth, God is a myth. I will worship only the devil, only the devil". No! she'd yell, No! "I will never do it!" and that was when the trigger on the gun went off and she disappeared- dead, gone forever, all in the blink of an eye.
Thank God for pillow fights because if Brittany hadn't accidentally smacked me with her hard-rock pillow, I don't know how much of that nightmare I could've taken. "I can't do this anymore!" I silently prayed to the Lord. "I really need your help, please Lord, I'm begging you! Help me!"

Once again, thank God for pillow fights- they totally take your mind off serious problems.
Until tomorrow,

Chapter 1: Escape

10:00                                                             Still Alive                      But Getting Worse
So we Continued our party but I couldn't help but feel a tad uncomfortable when they started gossiping. I don't know how it went from Katy Perry to Marcie but in a matter of minutes they were laughing about her and saying that she was so weird and awkward. And you know what, I got really tensed up when they said that they had found out that she was a christian.
"My dad's turning her in!" Brittany said with this excited look on her face.
"By the way, how much money do you get when you turn somebody in?" Angela asked.
"Like 3000 dollars but it depends on their age and health." Brittany answered.
"Well, it's a good thing that they're getting rid of all those christians. They've got the stupidest rules." Olivia had to be part of every conversation, even if she had NO idea what was going on.
"Well, what have christians done to us?" I couldn't believe that these words had came out of my mouth. What was I thinking? Next they're going to question me, then they'll turn me in and then I'll be gone forever!!!. Okay, you know what? Maybe I'm overreacting, right? I mean, they're my friends, they wouldn't turn me in, would they? I started panicking on the inside and I never panic, never.
"I dunno, but they're so weird and all about rules and stuff," the one thing I love about Emma is that she never knows what she's talking about.
Janett backed up Emma," Well, they're always saying that the rest of us will go to hell and that they're perfect and it's just plain annoying!"
"Well you know what, that's all stupid. That's not what christianity is about!!" Now of course I didn't say that, but I would've liked to. I never would've doubted my friends. What happened to me? I know, I became a christian but what did that have to do with my reputation? I had to change. I know we aren't supposed to conform to the world but my reputation is at stake so God will have to be his patient self and wait a while. Instead, I said "Why don't we all get our Jammies on. If christianity is so stupid then why are we talking about it?"
"Point!" Angela said.
Olivia reached into her handbag and started brushing her hair. "What are you all waiting for? Cathy said it already! Let's get our Jams on."
And when Olivia tells you to do something, you do it!

Chapter 1: Escape

Wednesday, June 15                            3:00 pm                    Mad (Please don't ask why)                                      

Okay, diary I am giving up on rejoicing because my life has nothing to rejoice about, and I mean nothing. I wish I could name one thing but I can't. At school today my friend Brittany kept questioning why i was buy on Sundays. I lied (again) and said that I had family matters that had to be taken care of. I wish i hadn't said that because now I actually have family matters. My mom has filed a divorce, thanks to my great advice, and we're supposed to be in court next week. This is just great. While many kids are planning vacations for the summer, my family is in court. You know, I've always wondered why tho Lord gave me a family like this. I hate it so much. Yes, I HATE it! But I guess I won 't have a family to hate soon because at this point i think my mom's winning this war. My mom has gotten a lawyer and so has my dad and apparently I need one too because this divorce is more complicated than it seams. Whatever, like I care. All I'm looking forward to is the end of this dilemma. So right after school I called up all my friends- Brittany, Janett, Angela, Olivia and Emma- to hold our monthly sleepover. When all the girls had arrived we put our sleeping bags in a star-shape on the ground. It was a six-pointed star with the heads of our sleeping bags pointed inwards. When all the sleeping bags were in place we get straight to having fun. I turned on the music so we could dance until our feet were sore.

Music Playlist:  Taylor Swift- You Belong With Me
                           P!nk- Raise Your Glass
                           Katy Perry- Firework
                           Bruno Mars- Grenade
                           Akon- Angel
                           Paula Abdul- Opposites Attract
                           Usher- More

We never got past Grenade though because Olivia stopped the song halfway. "Do you wanna guess what this song reminds me of?" She asked in a sharp, angry tone. But I didn't want to guess. Actually, I already knew.
"How come?" Angela asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Yeah, i don't get it?" Brittany added.
"Tell us please! I love juice gossip!" Emma was already wiggling in her chair from all the excitement. Honestly, I swear that girl could get excited over nothing.
"Oh, Cathy knows I would do anything for Bruce. I'v been in love with him for years!! I'm so mad at Cathy! She's a liar and a betrayer and she knows it!!!" Okay, now i had no idea what she was talking about. I didn't even go out with Bruce or nothin like than.
"Actually, I have no idea what you are talking about!" I was getting pretty mad.
"Oh no, you don't know," Olivia said sarcastically. "You are lying about Bruce! I doubt that's the only thing he was asking you the other day!"
"Um.. what do you mean?" I wanted to know what Olivia knew. Actually I had to know what Olivia knew. With all this christian murder going around, I got to be safe.
"Well he kept asking me about you today in bio class and he was totally checking you out today after lunch." She raised an eyebrow as in saying 'understand?'
"You're just jealous!" Angela piped up. Man, I love Angela. What would I do without a friend like that.
"No I just know that she's hiding something. I mean, why would she skip the most amazing party of the year? Tell me! Why would she?!" Olivia was out of her mind.
But apparently Olivia made a good point because nobody had an answer. Everybody was speechless. Everybody. I was alone. For the first time of my life i felt this loneliness inside. When all of a sudden i got this idea- I'm not alone, I the Lord here to talk to. I smiled, proud that at least I still had someone on my side.
"What are you smiling for?" Janett spoke up for the fist time. "We're waiting for an answer."
I had to come up with something good, but not too much of a lie but still yet so believable. How was I going to do that? And it wasn't like I had time to plan what I was going to do. I took a deep breathe and tried to search way back in my head for an idea. But i didn't have to search so far because of that fabulous holy spirit- man he knows what he's doing!
"You guys are so selfish! You don't know what I've been going through these past few days and do you bother to even ask? NO! My mom has filed a divorce against my dad. There! You wanted the truth, well there it is. I was just embarrassed about it, okay!!?" I loved my answer. I wasn't even lying this time.
"Why would you be embarrassed?" Olivia asked. Her face was softer and she looked regretful.
"Well... you guys have such great families and... and... I don't know...." I tried to trail off my voice for as long as i could- it added effect.
"Well I'm sorry," Angela was the first to apologize and she was followed by Olivia's 'I guess I over reacted' and Emma and Brittany's 'I feel terrible for you' and last and definitely least was Janett's 'Whatevs'.
The Lord and I had done it again! He's a great sidekick! Well, i guess, I'm the sidekick... but really, who's keeping count anyways?