Chapter 3: Flop Culture

11:15 pm     Out on the Street Stair WAY      Making sure not to get caught

So I told my mom that I was going over to my friend's. Normal moms who just got divorced would say no. I mean it is 11 o'clock. But my mom, as you probably already know, is not normal. So I was allowed to go out of the hotel. I kinda feel bad for leaving my mom alone to wallow in pain but I have to go church. And today's been the longest day of my life so I can't miss church today.
.....Wow, today has been really long:

First I told my teacher to shut up which got me into detention.
Then I came up with a devious plan with Lance (ewwww!!) and as I was getting out of school two very scary men threw me into a limo telling me that my parents were in court and had filed a divorce without telling me (without being the whole problem).
Then I broke down in court in front of everybody.
Then, *sniffle* you and me diary, we separated!! *gasp* *gasp*.
And!!! during this whole thing, I didn't speak up, not even once.

So here I am diary- sneaking around town hoping that I don't get caught by the police.

So where is church exactly? The sewage system on Stair WAY. Mark always makes a joke and says that it's the stairway to heaven.

I'm just going to put you down for a second, diary- just long enough to lift the lid without making a sound.

I'm In!!! I give a round of high fives to everybody there and hug a bunch of people- some I know, others I've never seen but it feels so good. Sometimes we all just need a good hug. Opps... Mark's speaking; I better listen and maybe take down a few notes:

Talk 1. Learning to Discern

-Sometimes you are not experienced in letting God lead you, and you are easily turned off the path from what seams to be common sense and good opportunities.

-Beware of misleading choices, satanic influences, and the media.

-God wants you to succeed, he will love and guide you through life.

-Our focus needs to be on what God has shown us through His scripture; not what our friends or t.v have to say.

That last point really got me. Should I hide my religion and live a lie so that I can fit in and keep up my social status? I dunno..... but what I know is that I really got to go... It's like 1 in the morning!!! Ooops! Mom's gonna kill me. Talk to ya later, with more thoughts and more news.

Mom's fast asleep, she didn't even notice
me coming in. Thank God! Really.

Chapter 2: The Nervous System

8:00 pm   My bedroom  With a completely full takeout box from Chipotle that Mom got me to make me feel better

So how did it go? GREAT!
ACCORDING TO MY MOM. So in summary my parents are now divorced. I wish it hadn't happened but it's not like I'd spoken up. I was too scared that I just let it happen and the funny thing is... that is so, so,SO not like me. But you know what diary, lately I haven't been acting like me at all. Two weeks ago, I would've totally gone out with Bruce. I would've made fun of Christians and I'd be the one tripping Marcie!! This Christianity stuff is wierd. I just wish I could figure it all out. If I knew what was going on in God's mind in that court room, well, I'd ask him a few.
Why, WHY, WHY did he let this happen? As if my life wasn't bad enough.
I wish everything didn't have to change. I wish things were back to the way they were. I love God 'n' all, but I'm just so confused. If God loves me so much, then why is my life slipping out of my hands. I need an answer. 

Like, right now.

I'm still waiting!!!