Chapter 3: Flop Culture

Friday, June 17                   5:00                     Silver Shadow Lane                   Cold

A person like me in a position like mine would be happy. They would feel like they're the top of the world. Like nobody could stand in their way. Bruce had his arm around me. Years ago, no-no, weeks ago, I would've dreamed of this moment but I didn't feel it today especially since he was walking me to the local park for Marcie's stoning. Just a week ago I didn't even want to talk to her and today I would've loved to die with her but once again, like always, pride got in the way. I didn't want to lose my friends and definitely didn't want to lose my life. So here I am with Bruce, so cold on the inside and feeling no love. Oh goodness. Oh goodness!!!

"What's the matter?" Bruce stopped walking forcing me to stop as well, which was the last thing I'd wanted right now.

"Olivia." I whispered.

"So?" Bruce was fearless. Well, obviously.

"We probably shouldn't be seen together," I tried to pull away from him but he didn't budge- he wasn't moving.

"Do you really care she has to say. She's insecure-"

"But you she-"

"She's insecure because she's ugly. And she's ugly because she's insecure." He said it loud enough for her to hear.

Lord why don't they just stone me now. I am empty, fatherless and soon to be friendless.

When she heard Bruce, she buried her face in her purse and slowly walked the opposite way of the park. I better look secure and happy because if Bruce says I'm secure, then obvs I am. Plus I look stupid writing in you ATM (at the moment). So adios for now.

Chapter 3: Flop Culture

Friday, June 17     3:00      Hawk Nelson Secondary School     School Parking lot

Most people at this time would be like, "Thank God I't's Friday" especially considering my day yesterday. But no. Actually, I am dreading today more than I hated yesterday. Why diary? Why does everyday of the week have to suck! I don't know.... am I going crazy or does my whole life suck since I started this christianity thing.
 If I were at church right now, Mark would be yelling at me for saying that. "It's not a 'christianity thing'" he'd say, "It's a way of living, Ca-thy! 


I actually don't mind getting yelled at. It actually feels good, for once, to get yelled at. I had never gotten yelled at by my parents, well at least in a long time. They kinda just let me do "whatever" (or at least that's how my dad would state it). So anyways..... Why am I dreading today?

They're having a stoning. Who? The neighbourhood kids, adults and policemen. I used to enjoy going to these things. Free food, icecream sundae bars and lots of joking and get-togethers. But not this time.

Because this time, the stoning's for...