Chapter 3: Flop Culture

Friday, June 17     3:00      Hawk Nelson Secondary School     School Parking lot

Most people at this time would be like, "Thank God I't's Friday" especially considering my day yesterday. But no. Actually, I am dreading today more than I hated yesterday. Why diary? Why does everyday of the week have to suck! I don't know.... am I going crazy or does my whole life suck since I started this christianity thing.
 If I were at church right now, Mark would be yelling at me for saying that. "It's not a 'christianity thing'" he'd say, "It's a way of living, Ca-thy! 


I actually don't mind getting yelled at. It actually feels good, for once, to get yelled at. I had never gotten yelled at by my parents, well at least in a long time. They kinda just let me do "whatever" (or at least that's how my dad would state it). So anyways..... Why am I dreading today?

They're having a stoning. Who? The neighbourhood kids, adults and policemen. I used to enjoy going to these things. Free food, icecream sundae bars and lots of joking and get-togethers. But not this time.

Because this time, the stoning's for...

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