Chapter 6: Nick of Time

Wednesday, June 23 9:45 pm

I looked down at packed suitcase:
Clothes- check
Money- check
Toiletries- check
I quickly stuffed my iPod into my handbag and then threw myself onto my bed. Great! I had a suitcase, I had a mission but I didn't have a plan. How was I supposed make it out of my house unnoticed, with a huge suitcase.

Bzzzzz! Bzzzzz! Who could possibly be texting me at time. I don't have time for this. Uhhh it was Bruce. What does he want now?!?


Perfect!! I could leave telling my parents I was going to Bruce's and just go to the subway station instead.

I replied to the text, told my parents the plan and headed out the door confident with myself. The Lord provides. I never used to really understand what that meant but after this situation and the whole putting the plan together so perfectly totally proved God's goodness.

I had already passed my street and was walking out of my neighbourhood when I say a figure in the distance. It was tall and I swore I'd see it before.

"Cathy!!" Ummm what was Bruce doing out here?

" hey, thought I'd come out to meet you and walk you to my place cause its kinda dark," aww how sweet. Wait a minute Cathy, you are not going over, you are not going over.

"Oh well actually i can't come over... there was a change of plans." What was I saying? What was the new plan and what could I possibly want to do that was more fun than visiting my boyfriend and not only that, but why else was I walking with a suitcase?

"So where exactly are you headed with that suitcase?" Bruce sounded suspicious.

Lord please help me, Lord please help me I prayed silently in my head. "Umm... well Brittany's boyfriend just dumped her and she really wanted me to come over and comfort her after the break up and I'm really sorry I didn't get back to you but she called me just as I headed out of my house."

"Really? They've been going out for three years now, what a jerk!" My goodness, he had bought it. And this is yet another reason why I cannot back out of this now- I've lied (once again) about Brittany's relationship and once everyone finds out i had rumoured that, they're gonna hate me.

"Well I better get going," I hugged Bruce and then quickly fled down the street in hope of avoiding him before he found out the truth.

There's no turning back,