Chapter1: Escape

I watched as the clock ticked- very slowly. Why couldn't the school day end? I needed to talk to Mark. As a church elder, he'd know the answer to everything (although he always denies it). He'd probably even help me get my parents back together again. And this matter cannot wait. THAT'S RIGHT! THIS MATTER CANNOT WAIT! IT WILL NOT WAIT. I have to escape, one way or another. And it's not like I'll be missing anything- I'm in detention. Plus, even if i do get caught, what's the worst they can do to me? Throw me in detention? Well, whaddya know? I'm already in detention. 

"They could suspend you." Lance, a kid with perfectly sleeked hair and nerd glasses, answered.  Oops! I must've said that out loud. I think I need to watch what I say from now on, being a christian and all. 

"What are you doing here?" I asked, seriously wondering what a perfectly good student like Lance would be doing in detention. He gets straight A's and his family life is not a wreck. Plus I doubt he's a christian. 

"Well... COD's havingthischanpionship twelvehoursinarow andIjustcouldn'tmissit..."
Wait a minute, Lance is a gaming geek! Wow, you learn more in detention than you'll ever learn in the classroom. 

"And what does this have to do with detention?" I felt seriously dumb. I had never been on the outside of things. I always knew what people were talking about. What has happened to me? It's probably all the drama going on in my life that makes me forget to appreciate the little things in life. Like gossip. And shopping. And gossip. And shopping. But mostly gossip. 

"Well, if you get in trouble in detention, they suspend you. So then I'd get to go home and... you know... have fun!"

"So why are you still here?"

"Well no matter how much I try, I can't get myself in trouble."

"Well then how did you get yourself in trouble in class?" 

"Marcus threw a wad of gum at Mrs. Nadia's head and I said I had done it."

"Sheesh. You couldn't even get yourself in trouble on your own." I had never met a guy like this. weird. "dependable much!"

"You're one to talk! When was the last time you did your own homework!" His ears were fuming. Calm it buster. But, I couldn't argue with him. But would you do your homework if really nice guys offered to do it instead? I don't think so. Plus it gives me more time to solve all my life problems and... homework bores me. 

"Listen." Oh I can be feisty. "I will help you get out of here if you help me."

"Why do you need help? You've got bad written all over you?" Sometimes I wish we were allowed to use pocketknives at school because I know the first person I'd use mine on. But ever since a group of kid ganged up on a teacher and killed her in her classroom, pocketknives have been banned. 

I like my pocketknife. It's really pretty and very sharp. I sharpen it every weekend just incase I have to use it. In situations like this.  Dontcha like it diary? It's purple just like my hair. 

"Ouch! I got a paper cut." Don't tell me that's Lance, don't tell me that's Lance. I turned my head slowly and whaddya know!! It's Lance. 

"Grow up!" I shouted (a bit too loud, maybe, because the whole room turned around and looked at me. I really need to watch my voice these days). 

"Eeew! My paper cut's bleeding!"

This is going to be a long day. 

Eeew, he's licking his blood. 


  1. LOL really funny. That Lance is a geek!!

  2. thank you for following my blog

  3. ewww! who licks their blood?!! you can get seriously sick from that. but its good so far. :)

  4. ann, you should be a hygienist


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