Chapter1: Escape

10:25                                                                            Was running- Now Stopped

So I did end up getting out of the school without dying from boredom, but I didn't get out of school property. No, I didn't get caught by a teacher, and no, the police didn't stop me and arrest me for being a christian. A huge limo pulled up with 2 men in suits. No, the suits were not black. When the saw me, they stopped the car. I saw them looking at a piece of paper in their hand. It had a picture- a picture of me. They asked me who I was and told me that I was needed in the New York County Court. I froze. Like actually froze. Because I knew the reason they were here. The ride was slow, unnecessarily slow. I needed to get out of the limo, I didn't want to believe it was happening, but I knew it was. If it was any other time I would've enjoyed the limo ride; playing with the window, checking out the mini phone, using the mini-fridge, using the leg rest, but not today. Today was the day my parent were going to get divorced. How am I so sure? Because...

a) My dad deserves it
b) My mom is great at finding loopholes and convincing people
c) One of the men on the jury for this case has a crush on my mom (I found this one out in the car about 5 minutes ago when the men gave me a folder with all the information I needed to know)
d) All of the above.

I think, diary, that I would go with d. A lot of people say children will feel a lack of sense of belonging when their parents divorce. Not me- I never really felt that my family was a family, let alone a family that belonged together. Or some people might say that children feel like they're the reason for the divorce. Not me- I KNOW that it was all my dad's fault for not doing the part in his relationship. So why am I so sad, no, no, disapointed about this divorce.

Maybe because it was the only thing that was keeping me from breaking down. To know that there was a chance that there was love on this planet. To know that problems do have solutions. To know that people can get along. But this divorce has taught me that none of those statements are true.

Oh! I've arrived. Whooopie :(

Wish me luck!!


  1. wow, it's getting better by the second!!!! :)


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