Chapter 1: Escape

Wednesday, June 15                            3:00 pm                    Mad (Please don't ask why)                                      

Okay, diary I am giving up on rejoicing because my life has nothing to rejoice about, and I mean nothing. I wish I could name one thing but I can't. At school today my friend Brittany kept questioning why i was buy on Sundays. I lied (again) and said that I had family matters that had to be taken care of. I wish i hadn't said that because now I actually have family matters. My mom has filed a divorce, thanks to my great advice, and we're supposed to be in court next week. This is just great. While many kids are planning vacations for the summer, my family is in court. You know, I've always wondered why tho Lord gave me a family like this. I hate it so much. Yes, I HATE it! But I guess I won 't have a family to hate soon because at this point i think my mom's winning this war. My mom has gotten a lawyer and so has my dad and apparently I need one too because this divorce is more complicated than it seams. Whatever, like I care. All I'm looking forward to is the end of this dilemma. So right after school I called up all my friends- Brittany, Janett, Angela, Olivia and Emma- to hold our monthly sleepover. When all the girls had arrived we put our sleeping bags in a star-shape on the ground. It was a six-pointed star with the heads of our sleeping bags pointed inwards. When all the sleeping bags were in place we get straight to having fun. I turned on the music so we could dance until our feet were sore.

Music Playlist:  Taylor Swift- You Belong With Me
                           P!nk- Raise Your Glass
                           Katy Perry- Firework
                           Bruno Mars- Grenade
                           Akon- Angel
                           Paula Abdul- Opposites Attract
                           Usher- More

We never got past Grenade though because Olivia stopped the song halfway. "Do you wanna guess what this song reminds me of?" She asked in a sharp, angry tone. But I didn't want to guess. Actually, I already knew.
"How come?" Angela asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Yeah, i don't get it?" Brittany added.
"Tell us please! I love juice gossip!" Emma was already wiggling in her chair from all the excitement. Honestly, I swear that girl could get excited over nothing.
"Oh, Cathy knows I would do anything for Bruce. I'v been in love with him for years!! I'm so mad at Cathy! She's a liar and a betrayer and she knows it!!!" Okay, now i had no idea what she was talking about. I didn't even go out with Bruce or nothin like than.
"Actually, I have no idea what you are talking about!" I was getting pretty mad.
"Oh no, you don't know," Olivia said sarcastically. "You are lying about Bruce! I doubt that's the only thing he was asking you the other day!"
"Um.. what do you mean?" I wanted to know what Olivia knew. Actually I had to know what Olivia knew. With all this christian murder going around, I got to be safe.
"Well he kept asking me about you today in bio class and he was totally checking you out today after lunch." She raised an eyebrow as in saying 'understand?'
"You're just jealous!" Angela piped up. Man, I love Angela. What would I do without a friend like that.
"No I just know that she's hiding something. I mean, why would she skip the most amazing party of the year? Tell me! Why would she?!" Olivia was out of her mind.
But apparently Olivia made a good point because nobody had an answer. Everybody was speechless. Everybody. I was alone. For the first time of my life i felt this loneliness inside. When all of a sudden i got this idea- I'm not alone, I the Lord here to talk to. I smiled, proud that at least I still had someone on my side.
"What are you smiling for?" Janett spoke up for the fist time. "We're waiting for an answer."
I had to come up with something good, but not too much of a lie but still yet so believable. How was I going to do that? And it wasn't like I had time to plan what I was going to do. I took a deep breathe and tried to search way back in my head for an idea. But i didn't have to search so far because of that fabulous holy spirit- man he knows what he's doing!
"You guys are so selfish! You don't know what I've been going through these past few days and do you bother to even ask? NO! My mom has filed a divorce against my dad. There! You wanted the truth, well there it is. I was just embarrassed about it, okay!!?" I loved my answer. I wasn't even lying this time.
"Why would you be embarrassed?" Olivia asked. Her face was softer and she looked regretful.
"Well... you guys have such great families and... and... I don't know...." I tried to trail off my voice for as long as i could- it added effect.
"Well I'm sorry," Angela was the first to apologize and she was followed by Olivia's 'I guess I over reacted' and Emma and Brittany's 'I feel terrible for you' and last and definitely least was Janett's 'Whatevs'.
The Lord and I had done it again! He's a great sidekick! Well, i guess, I'm the sidekick... but really, who's keeping count anyways?


  1. a bit spelling errors but great so far! Jenett is a terrible friend, Just Saying, she said 'whatevs' when Cathy said that her family's breaking up.

  2. Yes, i was aiming for that (Janett's personality) as for spelling mistakes, 'm going back and fixing all of them.... slowly and painfully


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