chapter 5: Inspector Gadget

Wednesday June 22                    3:15 pm          116 Tenth Av. North    Bathroom

They're knocking! They're knocking! I quickly stuffed the bible down my pants and sat down on the chair in my bedroom. I checked myself out in the mirror first to make sure that i didn't look weird or awkward. The men walked into the house with a stern look in their eyes. They slow, very slowly (like to be honest, I thought they were just going to take a quick look around) , inspected the house and everything in it. One of the three men turned and looked at me and I froze. What if he knew? I knew I should've burned the bible! He smiled then asked me what my name was and what school I attended and then the men went out on their way. So I wasn't caught this time, but what about next time, what about next time!! I had to escape to that island. I just could't live here anymore. "All I know is I'm not home yet, this is not where I belong," I whispered the familiar tune by Building 429 to calm myself down. I stood up and pulled the bible out of my pants and stuffed it in my underwear drawer where I usually kept it. I looked around slowly, eyeing my room and wondering where I actually belonged. Not at school, not at home and definitely not in my community. I had to leave. But to where? That island, that island! Cept, I don't really know where it is. hmmmm.... what was that channel again. I walked out of my bedroom and slumped down onto the couch. Ah, at least something here feels comfortable for once. I grabbed the t.v. remote off the coffee table and i flipped through the channels until i reached the channel I was looking for. The commercial was so real that any idiot would buy it, it was kind of like a lottery giveaway of some sort. The commercial came to an end and a male voice spoke the phone number to call. I quickly grabbed a pen from the coffee table and rapidly jotted the number down on my hand. I was so pumped up- I was gonna do this. Yes, I Catherine Swan, was going to run away. I turned off the t.v and casually walked to my room, picking up the phone from the kitchen table on the way. I was going to do this. Ready or not here I come. 

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