Chapter 3: Flop Culture

Friday, June 17               5:10              Silver Shadow Park        Choking on Tears                  
The sun is shining very bright, kids are laughing, couples are giggling under the trees and police officers are chit chatting about their days while sipping on warm coffee. This is what most of us would envision as a happy day. 
But not me. 
NOT a chance. 
Today Marcie is getting stoned, in ten minutes to be exact. I'm kind of scared- for her and for me. Like I don't want her to die an' all, but what if she tells the people that I'm also christian and that it would be unfair for them not to stone me as well. 
I never used to think much of these stonings. It was actually my favourite time of the year, they were the only days that I could get my parents to get along and enjoy each others company. I guess I never really thought about what it felt as the person being stoned- or worse! I might even lose my reputation ( and I've been working on that for years). Oh no! They're about to stone her. Bruce just handed me a heavy rock to throw at her (I'll just throw it behind me or sumthin). I'm scared- what if she tells them I'm a christian? What if the people just find out on their own? What if I'm the next to be stoned? I'm only a young girl! Lord save me! (who cares about her at the moment). 

One... the people are counting down
Two... They're ready to throw
Three... I throw up

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