Chapter 1: Escape

Monday, June 13       4:00pm       116 Tenth Av. North- Cathy's House    NewYork City
As I was walking up my very small driveway, and my very small house which would probably look like a shed to most of you, I heard shouting. Arrrgh! My mom and dad were at it again. If anybody knows anything about my family, it's that I dont have one. My mom is always cheating on my dad with a different guy every month, my dad is using mom to make money since he's made none his whole life; all he knows how to do is pass GTA in  a day (he's been practicing all these years). Anyways, I decided to step in and break up the fight , because i was tired of being so embarrassed of my family, i mean why am i the one who has no "real" family. Family means love, this family has absolutely no love at all, and i mean it. So as i was dropping my school bag on the ground I yelled. Actually it was more like screaming. 
"Whats the matter?" My mom came running to me, followed by my dad.
"You guys are the problem, you always will be. I mean, why can't you guys ever get along. I'm sick and tired of this.. this.. this disaster. We are not a family. Family means love. Dad is using you mom and you are always cheating on dad. Like really, do we have to?!"
"Well cupcake we were only arguing, everybody does that" My dad was hoping my mom wouldn't divorce him because without her he'd be nothing.
"Dad," I said, taking a deep breath trying to calm myself."We are not a normal family. We never were and it would only be a dream if we became one."
"You. Are . Right." My mom said sneering at my dad. "I. Want. Out."
"No mom, that's not what i meant. I said you and dad should work it out not-
my mom cut me of. "We are working this out. Once I leave, there will be peace all over the land. At least in my heart." she added. I rolled my eyes and stomped out of the house. I took out my cell phone because I needed to talk to somebody. Brittany? no. Angela, no? Who could I talk to that could actually help me?! Mark, no, this was crazy, I was tuning into one of those christian freaks. But for some reason my hand clicked call when I scrolled over his number on my phone.
"Hello" He answered with a soft calm voice.
"Hallo, it me, Cathy?" I was wondering if he would remember me at all. I'm sure he saved so many people in  his lifetime, what would make him  remember me?
"Oh, hey Cathy!" Well at least he remembered me," How's it going?"
"not good, actually terrible. I need your help."
"You know you don't have to come to me whenever you have a question. you always have someone who will understand you, and who is with you all the time."
"Yeah, he can help you, not me. I can't do anything, all I can do is pray."
"You're talking about God, right?" i mean who else was everywhere, all the time.
"yep. So i want you to go home and pray. Talk to him as if you were talking to me.And i'll pray for you too. okay?"
"Sure, what do i have to lose"
"Well, except for time"
"Ha ha. So what do you want me to pray for?" oops, i almost forgot to tell him my problem.
"My parents, they're having problems. I tried to step in but  now my mom wants to divorce" i said in a sarcastically happy voice.
"okay, ill pray. And God bless. Bye"
"Bye"  I said shutting my phone.
I ran to my room once I got in my house, trying to avoid my dad who probably hates me right now. I sat down on my bed and prayed. I actually don't know if I really prayed or not because i'm new to this thing. So basically i sat on my bed, looked up at my ceiling and talked. It  felt kind of funny talking to the ceiling but Mark told me i'll get used to it, although he also told me that i should read the bible everyday- and i don't. So of course Mark could be wrong. It's not that i don't want to read the bible, it's because my parents would kill me if i even mentioned the "b" word(bible).
It was my mom and dad again. I think m y dad punched my mom, like he always does. :(
I dropped my head in my pillow and ended up sleeping till dinner, which by the way, was t.v. dinner- again. I always dreamt that my mom could cook. It's so embarrassing when you friends come over for dinner and eat t.v dinners. Especially guys- who wants to have a date in a shed, eating t.v dinners?
oh, well. I went to sleep right after dinner. It wasn't that i hated dinner it was just that i couldn't stand another glare from my dad. I thin k he hates me at the moment. So diary, today i tried to step in and save my family but instead i broke it apart, just like that, in less than an hour. Yay Me?


  1. wow. this is soooooooo intense! its really suspensefull. will cathy's family ever get together. will Cathy lose her faith in God? will God forget her?
    Can't wait for the next chapter! ooooh.

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  3. No I have never seen her in concert But i do like quit a few of her songs.

  4. Neat story. Try editing more and spending more time on the sentence structure. Other than that, I like how this story is going! Why are they all chapter 1? Are they parts of chapter 1? Try making that more clear.

  5. "Yay Me!" that line reminds me of London from suite life. :p BTW love the story

  6. i never thought about that ann


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