Chapter1: Escape

Friday, June 12    6:20 pm    Newham Church    NewYork City

"Here's the last bible available," Mark, a church elder whispered. "Cherish it and don't let your parents know."
"Okay," I nodded.
"You know they'll kill you if they find out."He said looking down at me.
"I can't live in hiding all my life," I insisted. He looked at me for a while then leaned in and whispered in my ear," Okay, there's this commercial that will be like," wanna get away to this foreign island. call 999 666 1212. Call that number and they'll ask you for your ticket code. Tell them John 3:16. Okay."
"Ummm. And..." I didn't really get what he was saying. 
" They have found this island and they are escorting all christians there. They'll give all the info when  you call them. So if you ever feel like you can't hold the secret any longer call that number." He looked at me very seriously.
I was starting to feel scared. "Can we pray?"
He took my hands in his and we prayed the longest prayer ever. Well i think it was the longest prayer ever. I just became a christian today and have only attended a couple church services before. That's where i had first heard about God.
After praying i looked at my watch 6:40 pm. I had been here for 2 whole hours. "I have to go home now or my mom will freak." I told Mark.
As i turned to go Mark touched my shoulders. "Wait!" He whisper-shouted." I forgot to tell you something very important. When you have called that number and are ready to leave leave at night."
I gave him a confused look so he talked a bit more realizing I had never heard of this. He was acting like i had never heard of Brittany Spears.
"There are people who if they find out about what you are about to do, will kill you. They dress up like average people during the day and like police men during the night. Watch for them .If a police man stops you run , if he's a real police man tell him you thought he was a kidnapper- don't tell him the truth."
"Didn't the lord say not to lie?" I was getting really confused about this religious stuff.
"I'm sorry Cathy, But this world is a lie."
My hand were shaking as i drove home. I didn't even make a noise when I walked in  the house. I slept without saying goodnight. Why should I? It was a scary night, not a good one. I ended up sleeping in my clothes because I was more than scared, I was terrified! I don't know how I'll live any longer. Oh well, everything is in God's hand- I think that's what i learned at today's sermon. Church was actually more exciting than i thought it would be. They always describe church as a boring place, but it's not. It all advice on making the right choices and living your life to the fullest. It's actually very interesting. I have to go to sleep now cause i'm so terrified I can hardly hold this pen still. 


  1. Hey Sandy, this is Ann,
    Umm about the story, it was kind of confusing not really descriptive and it kind of switched to different topics at random points, it didn't describe the character that well and or the country. a little bit of spelling errors but i can understand why. its not easy to type on this keyboard especially with the plastic on it. anyways your story is interesting and has a great storyline and is suspenseful but more details and staying on topic would really boost it an d make it great. take my advice. i hope i don't offend u with all the negative things i said but if you keep practicing your story skills you will improve alot. love your little sister Prunes :)

  2. Hey Sandy, just happened to read your story.
    Infact i liked it. You need not write perfectly and always use the right grammar to write a good post.
    Although, seems as though it was written in a hurry. Take your time....
    and post more...

  3. okay, i'll try. right now im just thinking of new ideas to continue on. i have a layout of the story and some scenes planned out, but not the next scene. any ideas?


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